Five of the best iPhone games

If you're bored of your iPhone and iPod touch apps and you want to download some good games then check out our list of the five best iPhone games

Andrew Lim
2 min read

If you're lucky enough to own an iPhone or an iPod touch, you'll know there's loads of games available for them -- but which ones are worth downloading? We've scoured Apple's app store and played many an awful game to bring you five of the best. Be warned: some of these games are very addictive and you may find your battery life suffers as a side effect. Click 'Continue' for more.

Real Football 2009 is a truly impressive game, considering the hardware: the graphics are reminiscent of a PlayStation One title and it offers a smooth and relatively fast user experience. Controlling the players is done via an on-screen d-pad and keys, which works surprisingly well. You can choose from 198 teams and 12 stadiums, all in 3D. It costs £6, which might sound pricey considering some apps are free, but we think it's worth it.

Aurora Feint is an amazing example of how a simple game can still be very compelling to play. The object is to line up different stones, similar to Connect4, and level up along the way. Ultimately Aurora Feint will turn into an MMO that allows you to compete with friends. It's currently free to download and a must-have if you like games such as Tetris or Columns.

Just like the real air hockey you play in arcades, the iPhone version allows you to play with two players. By using the iPhone's multi-touch capabilities you can play with a friend on a single handset, each person holding on to their mallet using a finger. If you don't have anyone to play with, you can play against the computer, which is genuinely challenging. It costs 59p to download and is a great one for road trips with friends.

iBowl does what it says on the tin -- bowling -- but it's the way it does it that's so cool. First you hold down on the bowling ball and move it left or right, then you hold down on the 'bowl' button and literally swing your iPhone or iPod touch to get the ball moving. It's not going to exercise your cerebellum, but it is fun -- just make sure you don't pay it on a packed train during rush hour. It's available to download for free.

You may remember Line Rider from our ten best flash games Feature -- months later and the same game is on the iPhone. You draw a course using your finger, choose what type of course to use and then click play to send your devil-may-care sledger to his doom. If you want to know what we're talking about, try it first here. It costs £1.79 and is a great argument for more flash games to be ported to the app store.