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Five killer gift ideas for iPhone users

Good news: "killer" gifts don't have to kill your wallet. Four of these five gifts are priced under $20, and two of them are under $10. But all five are awesome.

For just $9.99 you can stuff a stocking with the cool, practical HiJack Headphone Splitter Keychain.

What do you get for the iPhone user who has, well, an iPhone? After all, the device itself is the gift that keeps on giving. Am I right?

Anyway, I've rounded up five iPhone-friendly items for the holidays. Whether you're shopping for a Secret Santa gift for a co-worker, a stocking stuffer for your hubby (or missus), or something to round out the latter nights of Hanukkah, one of these should fit the bill.

1) A gift card...that later turns into an iPhone stand! Start with any gift card--Starbucks, iTunes (duh), or whatever--then tell the recipient to bring it back to you after it's used up. Following these simple Instructables instructions, do a little waving-your-magic-wand thing and turn that card into a cute, clever, portable, and virtually indestructible stand. Who knew a gift card could keep on giving?

2) The world's best (?) battery pack Blogger Josh Bancroft calls this Monoprice iPhone Backup Battery Pack the "best $15 you can spend," and I'm inclined to agree. For just $15.23 you get a 2200mAh battery, which is good for roughly two full iPhone charges. Just one problem: It's currently on back order. Well, you can always print a photo from the product page, write "coming soon," and stuff that in the stocking.

3) An AV dock The Dexim AV Dock Station ($79.90) bridges the gap between your iPhone and your TV/stereo. Use it to watch a Camera Roll slideshow on your big screen, play your tunes on your big speakers, or even watch a downloaded movie. The component-video output tops out at 720i, but at least there's a remote so you can control basic functions (play/pause, track skip, etc.) from the couch.

4) A speaker amplifier I like everything about the SoundClip iPhone Audio Booster. It's cheap: just $7.99. It bumps the audio output a full 10 decibels. It's small enough (just a little nub, really) to keep connected to your iPhone all the time. And it requires no batteries. Hey, uh, if anyone's looking for something for my seventh night of Hanukkah...

5) A headphone-jack splitter Another ThinkGeek special, the HiJack Headphone Splitter Keychain turns the iPhone's single jack into a double. That's great for sharing your tunes with a friend or letting the cutie in the aisle seat plug in for your in-flight movie. Plus, it rides shotgun on your keychain, so it's one less thing to accidentally forget. Great little item, and a bargain at $9.99.

Well, that's my list. Now I'd like to hear yours: What great gifts have you found for the iPhone user in your life? Hit the comments and let me know what's going under your tree, menorah, or secular holiday tributary.