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Five great apps for your new Android phone

CNET editors round up the first five apps you should download for your new Android phone. Best of all, none of the selections will cost you a dime.

According to at least one study of mobile operating systems, Android is well on its way to world domination. With that in mind, we expect that at least a few of you have gotten--or will be getting--your lucky little mitts on a new Android phone this season. And what are you to do with that spanking-new device? Why, load it up with some great apps, naturally.

To that end, I set out to round up five essential apps for Android newbies. I'm not going to lie to you: narrowing down the list to a mere handful was quite a challenge. Of course, there are way more than just five apps that are worth a spot on your device, but the options laid out in the gallery below offer a good (and varied) selection to get you started. Better yet, they're all free.

If you're eager for additional options, check out our Android Starter Kit (with an update coming soon). And if--like me--you find the Android Market unhelpful for discovering even more apps, be sure to give AppBrain a whirl. The site and its companion app provide more detail and organization than Google's native store.

Is there an Android app that you just can't live without that didn't make the cut? Feel free to leave your own recommendations in the comment section below.