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Fitbit enters the smartwatch game with the Surge 'fitness superwatch'

Leaked marketing materials show that Fitbit has a fitness-focused $250 smartwatch on the way, with GPS and continuous heart-rate monitoring.

The marketing material that was leaked to The Verge.The Verge

Marketing materials leaked to The Verge reveal that Fitbit is preparing to enter the smartwatch market with the Fitbit Surge. The device is being marketed as a "fitness superwatch" and builds on Fitbit's existing fitness wearable pedigree.

Priced at $249 (roughly AU$285 and £155), the Surge features built-in GPS and continuous PurePulse heart-rate monitoring, as well as the usual suspects when it comes to fitness trackers: active minutes, floor climbs, steps taken and so forth.

Despite the larger size of the Surge, Fitbit are claiming that it's still designed for 24/7 wear and it includes both sleep tracking and silent alarm functions.

The Surge will of course sync all of this data with the Fitbit app, as well as offering smartwatch style functions, such as call and text notifications, as well as music control.

Earlier this month the Fitbit Charge was also leaked -- the Charge appears to be a redesign of the Force after it was withdrawn from market following complaints of skin irritation from wearers. The name Surge was patented by Fitbit back in June this year, as revealed by blogger David Zatz.

At the moment there are no details about launch timing or regional availability, but its anticipated that Fitbit will make a formal announcement about the products this week.