Fitbit now lets you get motivated by your own Bitmoji face

A new Snapchat watch face animates for goals and motivations. Samsung and Apple, will you be next?

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Scott Stein
Bitmoji on a Fitbit



Face on your face? Sure, why not. I used to do that with the Pebble watch years ago. There's now a Bitmjoji watch face for the Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Ionic, which does exactly what you think it does: Your little avatar can hop onto your watch.

Fitbit says there are over 50 Bitmoji animations on the watch face that change to match goals and motivations (there's one with sleepwalking to remind you to sleep, a celebration one, a food-logging one, and they vary from day to night).

Of course, having your face on your watch face means it won't be as personally emotive (Bitmoji can be 3D on your phone, and AR Emoji and Memoji are animated by your face, which can't happen on a Fitbit Versa). But it's a really interesting idea for a more immediate motivational tool on a fitness watch.

A few of the watch faces, in case you're curious.


The watch face connects via Snap to access the Bitmoji. I haven't had a chance to dive in and make my own face-face yet, but it's another cute/weird idea in Fitbit's watch face store.

It also raises the question: Why doesn't Apple have a Memoji Apple Watch face yet? Or, why isn't there a Samsung AR Emoji watch face for Galaxy Watch? This is a clever use of motivational tactics blended with personal avatars.

If you're curious to try it out, dive right in.