Fitbit Ace 3 is built to help kids better track their steps and sleep

It's also swimproof and can survive in up to 50 meters of water.

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Eli Blumenthal

The Fitbit Ace 3 is built for kids. 


Fitbit has a new fitness tracker for kids called the Fitbit Ace 3. The Google-owned company revealed the updated $80 wearable on Tuesday, touting its ability to better help youngsters (and their parents) track sleep and steps. New for the Ace 3 are "more animated clock faces" and up eight days of battery life. 

The tracker, which will have "Minions embossed" accessory bands this summer for $30, is also "swimproof" and can survive in up to 50 meters of water. A heart rate sensor is built into the device, but Fitbit notes in its press release that it is not activated. 

Like other Fitbit trackers, the Ace 3 can be synced to an iOS or Android phones . Goals can be set for active minutes, while reminders will be given for staying active and going to bed. For kids with their own phone, the device can also deliver call notifications.

The app will allow kids to connect with friends and family in "Family Face Off" challenges, though parents will need to approve the list. To help protect privacy, Fitbit says its Ace 3 experience complies with COPPA in the United States and GDPR in Europe. Privacy controls are required for kids under 12 to use the tracker. 

The Ace 3 will be available on March 15 in either black with a sport red clasp or in cosmic blue with an astro green clasp.