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First Samsung Galaxy Note ad goes live

The first Samsung Galaxy Note advert is here, showing off the phone/tablet/phablet in all its glory. Is the stylus making a comeback?

This thing is so close we can practically taste it. The Samsung Galaxy Note (that massive phone or tiny tablet, depending how you look at it) has its first TV advert out, reports Pocketnow.

The ad starts with an aerial shot over a river, then the sea, then the camera pulls back to show we've been watching it on the huge 5.3-inch Super AMOLED screen all along. Well it is a pretty mammoth screen, to be fair.

The ad also shows off the stylus features, with someone drawing round a building in one photograph, cutting it and pasting it into another, on an island in the sea, which seems a little bizarre. Maybe it's to show anything is possible, or something.

It seems even Samsung is a little confused as to whether it's a phone or a tablet. "Phone? Tablet?" the ad asks. "Feel free! It's Galaxy Note." No, us neither.

The device doesn't look as massive as the 5.3-inch screen would suggest, though maybe they just hired a model with massive hands. It looks a lot bigger in our hands-on, where we said it might not be portable enough to win people over.

The specs are pretty impressive, if the price is a little intimidating. Inside are a 1.4GHz processor, and on the back is an 8-megapixel camera. You operate it with a stylus, which we're not sure about (will people really be willing to go back to it after the iPad?). And did we mention the 5.3-inch screen? It's massive.

It'll be out 1 November, costing just a few pounds short of £600. Yikes.

Are you looking forward to the Galaxy Note? And would you use a stylus? Let us know on our Facebook page.