Firefox Home comes home to iPhone

Excellent news ahoy! Firefox Home has arrived in the iTunes App Store, giving iPhone users another browsing option and lots of lovely extra features

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Our post-party Friday morning fog has been pierced by the news that Firefox Home has been approved by the iTunes Store. The Web-browsing app is syncing our desktop browsing with our iPhone even as we clumsily stab at our keyboard.

The app syncs your phone with your desktop browser, so your history and tabs are available in your pocket. Install the Firefox Sync extension on your desktop to record your browsing to the cloud, then log in to your account via your phone to pull up the sites you've visited.

Firefox Home brings the so-called awesome bar to your iPhone, letting you type text from a Web page to search through your history, rather than having to remember the URL.

Firefox Home is available to download now from iTunes for free. We're now going to use it to look up hangover cures.