Filemaker Pro on Your iPhone

Filemaker Pro on Your iPhone

Ben Wilson

FMWebschool has announced the immediate availability of FMTouch, a native application that allows users to deploy FileMaker Pro databases on the iPhone or iPod touch. The application can be used without an Internet connection, and comes in at the high end of AppStore prices, selling for $99.99.

Multiple relational databases are supported by FMTouch, and users can add, edit or even delete records. Everything runs locally on your device, with the ability to sync work back to the primary database using a secure sync plug-in. Syncing requires a network connection. All features are Windows and Mac compatible.

if your records contain email addresses or even phone number, they become iPhone-compliant links that will launch Mobile Safari or dial the telephone number.

The App requires FileMaker 8 or 9 plus, and FileMaker Advanced is required for Database setup. FMWebschool intends to offer an automated setup method in the near future.

FMTouch is a replacement for the former FileMaker Mobile a product that has been discontinued by FileMaker, Inc. because of its limitations, including the ability to handle only non-relational flat files and only one database at a time.

A complete list of FMTouch's features can be found here.