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Festival-goers get free mobile charging thanks to Vodafone's funky truck

Going to a festival but worried about your phone running out of charge? Vodafone is coming to the rescue with its Union Jack-clad charging truck.

Gadget-laden festival revellers needn't worry about their mobile phone running out of juice halfway through the event, thanks to Vodafone's VIP recharging truck.

The Union Jack adorned van is capable of charging 2,000 handsets at once with the same level of power as you'd get at home. It will be making its way around 11 of this year's UK's top summer festivals. Vodafone reckons it'll have resurrected 72,000 dead phones by the end of the season, The Next Web reports.

Users of Android, Apple, BlackBerry and Nokia phones can all benefit from Vodafone's generosity, though it does seem as if you have to be a Vodafone customer to make use of the free power, which is rather mean. You have to hand your phone over to staff, who will check to make sure you're not with a rogue network before ticketing it and allowing you to collect it once it's fully charged.

Attending a festival in days gone by was a much simpler affair. You only really had to worry about your tent, sleeping bag and where the loos least likely to flood were located. The modern festival-goer now needs to ensure their mobile is safe and fully charged so every moment can be photographed, filmed, tagged and shared on Facebook.

This isn't the first spot of patriotic generosity from Vodafone. It's gradually been painting a fleet of London taxis with the Union Jack and offering free mobile charging, as well as daubing the Heathrow Express in red, white and blue. It's also stumping up the fees for the mobile JustGiving scheme, though that doesn't come wrapped in a British flag.

We're not yet sure which festivals the truck will be heading to, but if it's at the festival you're camping at, you can't miss it.