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FCC questions Verizon over ETF hike

FCC filed a communique to Verizon inquiring about the circumstances surrounding its recent ETF hike for "advanced devices."

There was a lot of hue and cry last month when Verizon raised its early termination fees for "advanced devices" to $350, and understandably so. Even with $10 decrease with each month of service, that's quite a large sum to pay in case you need to get out of your contract before the time is up.

It appears the FCC is just as curious about this change as are we--the FCC has sent an inquiry to Verizon (PDF link) asking it the tough questions of how the ETF will be implemented, like what exactly constitutes an "advanced device." Also of note are a few questions about extra charges for customers who don't have a data plan. Hopefully this will force Verizon--and the other carriers as well--to come forth with the whys and hows of their pricing plans.

(Via Engadget Mobile)