Fans design dream Nokia smartphone

Ever thought you could envisage the next big thing in mobile devices? Nokia fans have recently had the opportunity to do exactly that.

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Joseph Hanlon
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Do you ever look at the latest smartphone designs and think you could do a much better job of envisaging the next big thing in mobile devices? Nokia fans have recently had the opportunity to do exactly that.

Not to influence your opinion, but this is our favourite of the design concepts. (Credit: Nokia)

Nokia has been running Design by Community on its Conversations blog over the last few months, as a chance for fans to collaborate on a concept phone design. Previous surveys conducted on the blog asked readers to select from a range of specs, from the form factor and materials to the camera and functionality of the operating system. Participants were informed that for each feature they selected, others would need to be omitted, and the resulting spec sheet is the culmination of those trade-offs. After seven stages of voting, the collaboration is up to its penultimate stage, with Nokia designers producing sketches based on the user-generated specifications.

Unfortunately, Nokia has no intention of producing the winning design at this stage, so features like the Kinetic power booster and the super-durable, soft-touch, unibody aluminium finish will be left on the drawing board when the process is complete. We can only hope that Nokia takes some of these elements into the next phase of product design.

If you want to vote for your favourite sketch, head along to the Nokia Conversations blog and have your say.

(Credit: Nokia)

(Credit: Nokia)

The spec sheet

Display and user interface
4-inch capacitive display, 16:9
Power button, camera, zoom and volume button controls

Size and shape
Shape: Monoblock
Dimensions: 60x110x6-10mm
Extras: auto lens cover

Material: aluminium
Finish: soft touch
Colour: single colour
Durability: super strength

Operating system
Open source operating system with unlimited multitasking

Support for 802.11n/b/g wireless standards
USB 3 connectivity
HDMI connectivity
Dolby Surround Sound

4x optical zoom
Dual LED and Xenon flash
HD video capture
Instant image capture

Kinetic power booster
Multiple OS support
Surround sound speakers
Upgradeable Flash memory
Upgradeable image sensor