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Facebook's Slideshow feature takes on Apple Memories

In the battle for user-created content, Facebook makes Slideshow available to iPhone and iPad users ahead of Apple's Memories feature in iOS 10.

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Facebook loves it when you share photos and videos: It's sort of like cat videos without the cats. You love to post them and your friends like seeing what you've posted.

Now when you've taken more than five photos or videos over 24 hours, the social network will give you a preview of a Slideshow, complete with music and transitions, Facebook said Monday in an emailed statement. You can select themes, too, including Nostalgic, Birthday, Bollywood and Amped.

"If you see someone else's Slideshow in your News Feed, Facebook may give you the option to 'Try it,' which will let you select five [or more] images/videos to create your own Slideshow," Facebook said in the statement.

The feature, which has been part of the company's Moments photo-sharing app, is now available in the main Facebook app for Apple's iPhones and iPads. And that pits it against Apple's new Memories tab in iOS 10, which is slated for general release something in the fall.

Using facial- and object-recognition techniques, Memories can cluster scenes by people and scenes (mountains or beaches), and by locations and dates to create micro-movies of vacations, birthdays or graduations.

Both companies are a year late compared with Google Photos Assistant, which can also automatically create movies.

All three programs could make your holiday photos even more interesting than cat photos, which is probably a good thing.

Updated at 3:00 p.m. PT : Adds include statement from Facebook and Google Photos Assistant.