Facebook's new Kit app for Apple Watch lets you send messages with one tap

The experimental app is from the social media giant's New Product Experimentation team.

Kit, which stands for keep in touch, works with Facebook Messenger.
Angela Lang/CNET

Facebook's experimental app team on Tuesday released Kit, an app for the Apple Watch that aims to let people keep in touch with close friends without having to pick up a phone. Kit, which stands for keep in touch, works with Facebook Messenger and lets you send messages with one tap, including audio recordings, emoji, location sharing, scribbles or dictation input.

"Kit makes keeping in contact from your watch easy," reads the app's description. "No more struggling to navigate a tiny screen to find the right option."

The app was developed by the New Product Experimentation team from Facebook. The group also recently launched a new app for couples called Tuned that acts as a sort of private digital scrapbook.

"Many of NPE's products start small," said a Facebook company spokesperson on Tuesday. "They may resonate with some, not all. We expect many to be shut down as a result. The purpose is to experiment and learn, then create."

The new apps come at a time when many people might be separated from friends and family due to social distancing guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic.

Kit is available for free in the App Store for Apple Watch.


The new app lets you send messages with one tap. 

NPE Team/Screenshot by CNET

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