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Facebook's feature phone push nets 100 million monthly users

Facebook for Every Phone app works on more than 3,000 types of feature phones, the company says.

The first Facebook for Every Phone launch.
The first Facebook for Every Phone launch. Facebook

Facebook is more mobile than ever, the company announced on Sunday.

The social network's Facebook for Every Phone app, now has more than 100 million monthly users, the company confirmed. The app, which launched in 2011, allows those with feature phones to access their News Feed, Messenger, and Photos from their phones. New users also can sign up and find friends from their feature phones.

A feature phone is a midway point between a smartphone and a basic phone. Specifically, they differ from smartphones in that most feature phones do not allow for corporate syncing with other devices or enable users to download third-party apps. Yet, the technology is quickly changing.

When Facebook went public last year, shareholders grew increasingly concerned with the company's mobile initiatives, saying that they weren't as strong as hoped. Over the past several months, however, Facebook has turned its attention to mobile consumers -- in particular, smartphones -- and its business there is skyrocketing. This 100 million milestone among feature phone users is even more good news for shareholders.