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Facebook test merges news feed and Stories, so you swipe not scroll

That would definitely be a change.

Facebook's interface may look different soon. 
Picture Alliance/Getty Images

It took awhile for Facebook users to warm up to Stories, but the social network seems to be ready to take them to a new level, testing a combination of its news feed and Stories features. 

Researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who is well known for reverse-engineering social media apps, spotted the test and tweeted about it Monday. Aside from the hybrid feed itself, the most dramatic change would be swiping left and right, instead of scrolling up and down.

Facebook wasn't immediately available for comment.

"This integrates Posts and Stories into one, allowing users to consume both within the same reel of content," Wong tweeted.

Judging from the animated gif that Wong posted, it looks like the content itself would remain essentially the same: a few posts from friends, sponsored content and then a Story. 

Wong noted that, for now, the timer in the interface won't pause if you're reading a long post, so you'd have to finish your friend's lengthy Facebook rant in about six seconds.

The way Facebook currently is laid out on its mobile app, Stories live between your status update box and your news feed.