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Facebook Messenger gets a new logo, custom reactions

The messaging app is also rolling out more ways to customize your chats.

New features have linked Facebook Messenger and Instagram more closely together. 

Facebook Messenger is getting a refresh that includes a new logo, custom reactions and more features meant to personalize your conversations. Facebook unveiled the new look on Tuesday, saying the app's updated logo reflects "a shift to the future of messaging." 

Last month, Facebook said Messenger users will be able to chat with people on Instagram without having to download a new app and vice versa, a change that links the services more closely together. This cross-app messaging is expected to roll out to most people in North America soon, Facebook said Tuesday. 

In addition to the new logo, which features a blue-to-pink gradient, Facebook said Messenger is getting a new default chat color, new chat themes and custom reactions. A new selfie sticker feature and vanish mode, which the company previously announced, will be coming soon, Facebook said.