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Facebook Live adds chat and joint video streams

The social network wants more people to connect while on Facebook Live -- even as the company deals with violent footage on the platform.

You'll be able to chat privately with friends on Facebook Live.

Facebook is trying to make it easier to connect with other people during live broadcasts.

Facebook Live, the social network's livestreaming video service, on Tuesday added two new features.

First off, you can chat privately with a friend during a live video, instead of just seeing the public comments on the stream. Right now Facebook is just testing the feature and will make it available to everyone later.

Second, the social network is opening up joint live streams to everyone, so you can share your screen with someone in a different location. Previously, the feature was open just to public figures.

The new features come as Facebook deals with major controversies involving videos posted to the social network. In the last few weeks, people have used the platform to broadcast killings, suicide and other violence over the internet.

When CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the stage last month at F8, Facebook's annual developer conference, he said Facebook is addressing this problem, and "has more work" to do.