Facebook launches photo transfer tool in US and Canada

Now users can share their content with Google Photos.

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A new tool makes it easy to download or transfer photos and videos from Facebook.

Angela Lang/CNET

Facebook made it easier for users to take their photos and video off Facebook. A photo transfer tool on Thursday rolled out in the US and Canada, as first reported by Reuters. Facebook initially launched the option last December in Ireland, and in several other countries in the months that followed. 

To access the photo transfer tool, Facebook users will need to click on "Settings" and then select "Your Facebook Information." From there, look for the "Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos" option. After a quick identity confirmation, the next page will let users download the content or transfer it to Google Photos , which will require logging into a Google account for authentication. 

Facebook photo transfer

A visual guide on how to transfer photos.


The tool is part of the Data Transfer Project through which Apple, Twitter, Google and Facebook aim to give users an easier way to transfer data between the companies' services.

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