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Facebook, Instagram push masks for COVID-19

The platforms will also show other preventive measures to all US users.

Facebook and Instagram showing prompts to wear face masks.

Facebook and Instagram will show prompts urging users to wear face coverings. 


Facebook on Thursday said it'll start pushing information on face coverings and other preventive measures for COVID-19 on its platform, as well as on Instagram, which it owns. This comes as the US sees an increase in cases across the country

All US users will see an alert at the top of their Facebook news feed, as well as a prompt at the top of their Instagram feed, encouraging them to wear face coverings. Facebook will also direct users to the COVID-19 Information Center, where they can find more prevention tips and links to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for additional information. Instagram will also direct users to the CDC. 

Facebook, which has seen a surge in users amid the coronavirus pandemic as people look for ways to stay in touch during lockdowns, has been ramping up its crackdown on COVID-19 misinformation. In March, it built an information center at the top of news feed to direct users to "authoritative information" about the virus.

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