Facebook expands its job search tool to 40 more countries

The effort comes as the company tries to prove that Facebook is good for the world and people’s well being.

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Richard Nieva
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Facebook is rolling out its job search tool more widely.


Facebook wants to help you find a job. Not just by networking, but by actually finding listings and applying right on its website.

The social network unveiled its job search hub in the US and Canada in February 2017. On Wednesday, Facebook said it's rolling out the product more widely, bringing it to 40 new countries. They include the UK, France, Germany and Spain.

The tool lets you sort through listings either by location, industry or job type -- full time, part time, internship and others. You can also set up job alerts, manage applications and set up interviews. When you're ready to apply, you can do it through Facebook. The software automatically populates some of the application with information from your Facebook account.


The tool lets you apply to jobs directly on Facebook.


The expansion comes as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been on a campaign to fix the social network's reputation. Zuckerberg has made it his personal goal this year to "fix" many of Facebook's biggest challenges, including abuse on the platform and making sure Facebook is good for people's well being.

A big part of his plan has been focusing on local issues. The company retooled its iconic news feed to focus more on posts from friends and family, instead of viral videos and news. Part of the new ranking also includes a bigger focus on local news.

For the job search tool, Facebook also put the emphasis on the local impact. "The jobs product is about local businesses connecting with people in their communities," Gaurav Dosi, a Facebook product manager, said in an interview.   

The technology industry has been in the hot seat when it comes to jobs and the economy. Silicon Valley -- and its efforts to automate everything from cars to customer service -- is responsible for a lot the shifts in the changing nature of work and employment.

Google has also made a push to help people find jobs. Last May, the search giant unveiled its own job search tool. In October, Google announced $1 billion in new initiatives aimed at training and educating workers to help them find jobs and grow their businesses. 

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