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Facebook just launched a standalone Events app

The social network wants to give you a faster way to RSVP to all the stuff you really have no intention of actually attending.

Facebook is debuting a standalone Events app.

A prominent part of modern social life is the Facebook Event. It's the concert, fundraiser, book reading, gala or pub crawl you say you're going to attend, but probably won't.

Now Facebook wants to make it easier for you to RSVP to stuff, and also find more stuff to RSVP to. On Friday the company launched Events by Facebook, a standalone version of the Events section of the social network. For now, it's only on Apple's iOS for iPhones, but Facebook says it's coming soon to Android.

The app lets you see what events are going on in different cities with a map feature. You can also view your friends' events and events from Facebook pages you've liked. There's a calendar feature that lets you see your overall schedule with events you're planning to attend.


You can search for events by city.


The company says more than 100 million people a day use Facebook Events. This isn't the first time Facebook has spun off a popular feature from the social network and made it its own app. In 2014, Facebook launched the Messenger chat app. But in that case, it was a hard sell. The company drew ire for shutting off Facebook's messaging features and forcing everyone to download the new app. The strategy seems to have worked. Messenger now has a billion users.

Facebook doesn't seem to be quite as pushy this time around. The company doesn't appear to be forcing you to download Events -- at least not yet. However, a Facebook spokesman didn't immediately respond to CNET's request for clarification.