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Facebook adds chat and push notifications to Android app

The Android version of the Facebook app grows more like its iPhone sibling with two highly requested features.

Chat and push notifications finally arrive on Android's Facebook client.

The official Facebook application for Android took a major step forward yesterday with the integration of two key features. The latest release (v1.5) now offers chat and push notifications, making the native app considerably more appealing to users. These features come on the heels of last month's addition of Places and Groups and should do well to keep the masses happy for at least a little while.

Since its debut, the Android version of the mobile app has been playing catch-up with its iPhone counterpart. Yet, considering the Apple iteration is in version 3.0 already, the Android app isn't doing too bad for itself. Indeed, the differences between the two are getting less noticeable with each release.

What features would you like to see added to the Facebook for Android application next?