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Exclusive: Hands-on video with the 3G iPhone

In easily the largest scoop CNET.co.uk has ever had, mobile phone editor Andrew Lim slipped his PR minders to bring you this exclusive video of the 3G iPhone

Read our 3G iPhone review and iPhone 3G story for the latest on the new iPhone. We've got 3G iPhone UK details, what the new iPhone doesn't have, and photos of the iPhone 2.0 apps demo'd at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Now, here's a hands-on with the 3G iPhone:

And what follows was published on 1 April this year...

In easily the largest scoop CNET.co.uk has ever had, two days ago our mobile phone editor Andrew Lim was invited to Taiwan, along with a select group of other journalists from around the world, for a sneak preview of the 3G iPhone. There were extensive embargoes and NDAs in place, but Lim will stop at nothing to bring you the hottest phone stories. Using his Nokia N95 -- and ninja-like PR-evasion skills -- Andrew managed to get a boxed 3G iPhone away from his minders and uploaded this exclusive video, shot by his trusty sidekick.

For some real 3G iPhone news:
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