Exclusive: Cowon iAudio D2 16GB to get DAB

After the huge success of Cowon's 16GB iAudio D2, the South Korean manufacturer is adding digital radio support to the player, making it even more of a favourite

Fans of Cowon take note: the South Korean manufacturer has just let us know it's planning to add DAB to its 16GB iAudio D2 MP3 player.

The DAB edition of the audiophile's choice of portable music player was previously only available with up to 8GB of memory, while its DABless brother was available with up to 16GB. Apparently sales of these players have exploded in recent months, so adding DAB to the 16GB model is a wise move.

Both DAB and non-DAB models will be available in 16GB incarnations and with SDHC/SD card slots as standard. Up to 16GB can be added to this internal memory, enabling the D2 to support a whopping 32GB of flash memory.

Cowon is currently redesigning the PCB inside the D2 to allow for a 16GB DAB-enabled model, but we should see it hit shelves in the next few months. No price has been confirmed but you'll be able to buy it exclusively from Advanced MP3 Players.

For those of you who can't remember why we love this player so much, don't miss our full review and video review. It's one of our all-time favourite MP3 and FLAC players, with the best sound quality we've ever heard from a portable device and amazing battery life and file format support. -Nate Lanxon