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Evo abroad with the HTC Desire HD

CNET plows through a wave of Android smartphones at CTIA Fall 2010 to capture the new HTC Desire HD with photos and video.

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SAN FRANCISCO--We took advantage of HTC's presence at the fall CTIA show to get our first hands-on with the company's new Desire HD Android smartphone. HTC introduced the handset last month at a London press conference, and is now showing it off to the world.

In many ways, the Desire HD is a close relative of the Evo 4G, though minus the 4G service. It has the same basic shape, with a brilliant 4.3-inch display, and it feels about the same when held in the hand. The touch controls below the display are somewhat different, and the Desire HD lacks a kickstand, but we noticed the similarities immediately.

Fortunately, a metal plate covers most of the rear side of the device, which gives it a welcome sturdy build. You will notice the plastic panels that sit on the bottom and right sides. The reason for them is twofold: not only do they cover the integrated antennas (metal and antennas don't really get along), but they are also removable covers that hide the SIM card and battery, respectively.

Features on the Android 2.2 device include an 8-megapixel camera with HD video, Bluetooth, W-Fi, a media player, GPS, a personal organizer, and the usual Android and Google refinements.