Everything you need to know to master your new iPhone

Receive a new iPhone this holiday season? Sit down, relax and read this to learn everything you can about using it.

Jason Cipriani
Jason Cipriani
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Jason Cipriani
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Apple's iPhone hasn't changed much over the years, so there's a level of familiarity for those who have previously used an iPhone. However, this year no phone in the entire iPhone lineup has a home button, replacing navigation with a series of swipes.

Touch ID is no longer used either. Now, your face is the key to unlocking your iPhone.

Regardless of whether you are a first time iPhone user or an old pro, there's still a lot to learn after unboxing a shiny new iPhone. Here we've collected together all our how-to guides on the latest iPhones and latest version of their iOS software. Let's take a look.

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Getting started

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Set up Face ID. Apple's most recent crop of iPhones all feature Face ID as an unlock method, instead of a fingerprint sensor under the home button. During the setup process, or shortly after, make sure you setup Face ID to keep your phone and information secure.

More stuff to set up. Now that your phone is secure, we rounded up nine things you should do next.

No home button means that navigating the iPhone is done entirely through gestures now. Here's how to survive an iPhone without the home button.

Force close apps. Because I've been asked quite a few times about doing this by new iPhone owners, it's worth pointing out how you force-close apps now.

iOS 12

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Software is important. If you received an older iPhone as a gift, there's a chance it might not be running the latest version of iOS 12. Make sure you update your iPhone.

Get the hang of iOS 12. Regardless if you're new to iOS or a veteran, Apple's latest mobile operating system has a lot of features. From Animoji to Memoji to Screen Time -- there's a lot to learn. Here's how to use the best new features.

Psst. There are hidden features, too. Once you get the hang of the main features in iOS 12, here are 10 hidden features you should check out.

Advanced features

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Download the Shortcuts app. Trust me. It's an app that makes some of the most routine and mundane tasks a breeze, while simultaneously making complex tasks seem routine. After you download the app, add these shortcuts to the app to get started.

More tips, more tricks. Of course, there are plenty of other features, tips, tricks and hidden aspects of the iPhone. We do our best to help you become a master of the iPhone.

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