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Ever wanted to make your own phone? Cyrcle shows you how

A Kickstarter campaign will teach you how to build a working 3D-printed phone of your own.


If you've always wanted to know how to make a phone, a new Kickstarter campaign is offering classes to teach you how to build a 3D-printed phone of your very own.

The classes will take place in maker spaces around the US in early 2017. Pledge $199 or more to Dtoor's campaign and you get to join the class, at the end of which you leave with a working phone with a GSM SIM card so you can start using it for calls and texts.

Dtoor is a company founded by two former Microsoft employees to launch their round Cyrcle phone, which you'll learn to build in class.

The Cyrcle is based on a Seeed Studios RePhone Kit, which contains a battery, touchscreen and other components needed to build a working phone. It's housed in a 3D-printed round prototype case, but you can then go away and design your own phone in whatever shape you want. The class is also aimed at teachers or adults who can go on to teach kids how to prototype a phone of their own.

The Dtoor Kickstarter campaign is running until 30 September and is looking to raise $10,000.