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EU investigates iPhones, like, literally blowing up in your face

The European Commission is investigating reports that Apple iPhones are literally blowing up in people's faces -- presumably wiping that smug look right off

The consumer protection commissioner of the European Commission is investigating whether your iPhone or iPod is likely to blow up in your face.

The EU is only talking about two iPhones, both in France, and an iPod over here, which it regards as "isolated incidents". But we've also seen reports of an iPod touch exploding in an Ohio boy's trousers.

One incident being investigated by the EU involves a teenager in Aix-en-Provence using his girlfriend's iPhone, which hissed and then shattered, injuring his eye area. Here's what we take from that incident: don't touch your girlfriend's stuff.

The iPod touch incident garnered press attention when Liverpool man Ken Stanborough bought one for his daughter, which exploded after he dropped it. What we take from that incident is: don't touch your daughter's stuff.

We know that should the battery temperature creep above 113 degrees Fahrenheit, a built-in heat switch turns off the iPhone. But is it possible that Apple devices also contain some kind of hardware that makes the device blow up should one of your nearest and dearest get their grubby mitts on it without permission?

It's also unclear whether these Apple customers were left with blackened faces and bemused blinking eyes like Wile E Coyote after accidentally smoking a stick of dynamite he thought was a cigar. We await the EU's findings with interest.

Apple has issued a statement that it has no comment until the damaged iPhones are received from the singed users. In the meantime, check out our highly scientific tests on iPhone overheating or decide whether it's worth upgrading from 3G to 3GS.