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Ericsson eyes Microsoft's mobile-TV service -- report

The companies could announce a deal in which Microsoft would sell off its mobile-television service, though no prices were divulged.

Ericsson is in talks with Microsoft to buy the software giant's mobile-TV service, according to a report.

Microsoft for years has operated a software division that provides mobile carriers with the technology to deliver television service over their connections. The company is now in talks with Ericsson to sell the division so it can focus on delivering this service through the Xbox, according to Bloomberg, which cited people with knowledge of the discussions.

For Ericsson, the upside of acquiring Microsoft's division would be the opportunity to deliver another service to its wireless customers. The company's strategy is driven by delivering an all-encompassing service to wireless providers. Offering television could be the next step in its plans.

Still, mobile TV has been around for a long time and hasn't garnered the kind of attention some had thought it would. Streaming services and devices, like Slingbox, have made it easier to watch television shows and movies from mobile devices, leaving the value of a dedicated mobile-TV service a bit diminished.

CNET has contacted both Ericsson and Microsoft for comment on the report. The story will be updated when we have more information.