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Email, browser glitches plague Internet sites

Excite@Home stumbles with the unveiling of its new start page, while a diamond information site accidentally posts names and addresses online.


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Subscribers can't access Excite@Home's new broadband start page because of technical difficulties, while online delivery firm Kozmo trips with a site redesign that prevents customers from logging on.


Glitch tarnishes debut of Excite@Home service
Many subscribers of Excite@Home's high-speed Internet service have trouble accessing the new version of the company's ballyhooed start-up screen.

Kozmo suffers problems after redesign's revamped Web site prevents some customers from ordering goods and causes others long delays, the company confirms.

De Beers security hole reveals customer info
About 35,000 customer email and home addresses are exposed on, an informational site about diamonds sponsored by De Beers.