EE broadband starts at £5, fast fibre is free for three months

EE has revealed broadband deals starting at just £5 per month -- and extra-fast fibre broadband is free for the next three months.

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EE has revealed broadband deals starting at just £5 per month -- and its extra-fast fibre broadband is free for the next three months to boot. 

EE is Britain's first 4G mobile phone network, formed from the merger of Orange and T-Mobile. The new super-network also offers mobile Internet deals, and now broadband piped into your home.

There are six deals available. Choose from a top speed of 14Mbps, 38Mbps or 76Mbps; then choose free weekend calls on their own, or free calls any time throughout the week, including some calls to mobiles.

The cheapest option is broadband up to 14Mbps with weekend calls, costing just £5 per month, or £12 with extra calls thrown in. 38Mbps fibre costs £15 per month with weekend calls, or £22 with extra calls; and up to 76Mps will set you back £25 or £29.

Happily, those unlimited weekend calls include 0845 and 0870 numbers for waiting on hold while trying to sort out the latest balls-up by your bank, utility company or favourite online shop. The anytime package includes free calls at any time to landlines in the UK and 30 other countries, with 1,000 minutes to all UK mobiles thrown in too.

Even better, fibre is free for the first three months. Sign up before the end of June and all you have to pay is line rental. 

You also get a year of McAfee Family Protection antivirus software and an EE Bright Box wireless router -- not to mention Orange Wednesday two-for-one cinema tickets as part of EE Film.

The new deals are available today. Are you impressed by EE's broadband deals? Who pipes your Internet into your home, and what's the best deal you've ever seen? Tell me about your broadband bargains in the comments or on our Facebook page.