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EE 4G SIM deals start, some customers still facing problems

EE has kicked off its SIM-only deals -- but some customers are already quitting the UK's first 4G network.

EE has kicked off its SIM-only deals -- but some customers are already talking about quitting the UK's first 4G network.

A month after launch, EE is now supplying SIM cards to put in your LTE phone, no matter where you bought it. But some customers are stuck without any service as they're unable to activate their SIM.

Other customers complain in customer forums and on Twitter that they can only make calls because of problems processing new contracts. Which is doubly galling: the whole point of signing up to EE and forking out for 4G is to take advantage of super-fast data speeds.

EE faced a few teething problems as customers switched from other networks, with some being sent the wrong SIM card. With any new service, a few problems -- while annoying to the individuals in question -- are to be expected, but as problems rumble on, some customers are threatening to ditch the new network.

The 4G network's SIM-only deals, which require you to buy a phone separately, were originally intended to launch two weeks ago. Deals are £10 cheaper than contracts that come with a phone, starting at £21 per month for 500MB of data.

Paying £26 per month gets you 1GB of data, £31 nets you 3GB, and £36 per month gives you 5GB to play with. Unlike the line-up of phone contracts, there's no 8GB option for heavier data users.

In order to sign up for a SIM-only deal, you need to buy an iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE or other 4G phone from EE or elsewhere. Your ongoing phone bill will be cheaper, but you have to pay full price for the phone itself.

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Are you on EE? How's your experience of the first 4G network? Or are you considering signing up? Have the prices or the complaints put you off? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.