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Edify stock shoots through the roof

Another bout of Net stock fever has erupted, this time over financial software publisher Edify.

Another bout of Net stock fever erupted yesterday, this time causing Edify to leap over the heads of Net investment darlings Yahoo and Netcom Online Services.

Edify's stock closed yesterday at $54 per share, a 28 percent gain of $11.75 per share. The stock had already increased 24 percent Monday.

The stock closed at 49 today but still outpaced Yahoo at 30-1/4 and Netcom at 40. Edify launched its initial public offering only eight days ago at $15 per share. As of yesterday's close, the company was worth $840 million.

The latest bonanza for Edify stockholders came one day after Visa Interactive announced it would support the use of Edify's Electronic Workforce Internet banking software among its 12,000 member banks. The software uses a single delivery platform for host, client-server or PC-based back-office systems that schedules and manages interactive applications and coordinates phone, host and network resources. Customers can use it to access account information via a touch-tone phone or PC.