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Edifier speakers in pastel parade

The new Edifier E3350 speaker range comes in four pastel colours. For those who crave more metallic lilac in their lives.

Lilac: it's a colour missing from many people's lives, and something ought to be done about it. Canadian-based audio mob Edifier is making a start, featuring the oft-overlooked hue in its new range of coloured E3350 speakers.

The pyramidal products come in four metallic shades: lilac, burnt umber, a Tin Man silvery blue and mauve. (Mauve being a much classier word for pink, which has been tainted by its association with cheap plastic blondes such as Paris Hilton and Barbie.)

The E3350s offer 50 Watts RMS and a subwoofer housed in an array of Pythagoras-pleasing shapes. They'll partner up with your computer, MP3 player or anything else with a 3.5mm stereo output. Retailing for AU$149.95, they're in stores from April.

Here's the thing. We have no problem with coloured products. When done well -- see Nanos and VAIOs -- they're elegant and fun. We just wonder at the colour choices made by Edifier. Give a chimp a five-pack of darts and a Pantone chart and we wager it would spear at least four hues more pleasing to the eye than those in the E3350 range. Have a look at the image below and try to disagree.

For your Edification