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Ears-on with the Denon AH-C751 earphones

Denon's new AH-C751 earphones are so good we want to marry them, have kids with them and get sectioned as a result of our love for them. You should, too

Denon's terrific AH-C700 earphones blew us away last year, and now have an even more impressive successor in the form of the AH-C751s -- sound-isolating earphones with aluminium enclosures and serious audiophile tendencies.

At around £150, the AH-C751s aren't the single most expensive earphones in the history of the world. Still, they perform almost up to the standard we expect from a £250 pair, such as Shure's triple driver-boasting SE530s -- quite possibly the best consumer earphones on the market today.

So what do the C751s offer? Firstly, their bass response blows pretty much every competitor out of the water, with a low-end response starting at 12Hz. It's an extremely tight, smooth bass, too, with tonnes of power. But the high end is equally impressive -- response tops out at an impressive 24KHz, producing crystal-clear treble.

The most notable upgrade from the C700s is the mid-range performance. The C751s improve significantly in the punchiness of mids -- where the drums, guitars and vocals all reside -- which now have the meatier sound that was missing from the previous model.

These earphones are absolutely terrific at handling most types of music, so we eagerly shared them with the team. Despite initial protestations over mixing earwax, our resident dance music connoisseur Ian Morris snapped on the clear silicon tips and proclaimed them the best earphones through which he's ever heard dance music.

So you'll be wanting our full review? It'll be here this week and only two earphones have ever scored higher on CNET. Make sure you check back... -Nate Lanxon

Update: Read our full Denon AH-C751 sound-isolating earphones review