Dutch to selfie-obsessed: You're trampling our tulips

Tulips are reportedly getting crushed in the quest for selfies.

Tulips are getting trampled. 

The perfect selfie is coming at a cost for Dutch tulip farmers. 

Selfie takers are causing thousands of euros in damage to tulip farms in the Netherlands, CNN reported last week.  

"Last year I had one field and there were 200 people in the field," a grower named Simon Pennings told CNN, saying people, particularly younger folks, are in the fields all day.

The Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions told CNN it thinks Instagram is sparking the trend.

It's become enough of a problem that the Netherlands launched a campaign about it in April. The campaign includes a YouTube video and a website with information on where it's OK to take tulip selfies (hint: don't actually walk into the flower fields unless you're visiting one where that's allowed).

Otherwise, as the video notes, you're literally stomping on Dutch pride.

Originally published April 25.
Update, May 1: Adds information on Dutch tulip campaign.