DSL upstart on a roll with new network deals

Copper Mountain, a fast-growing network equipment maker, inks a series of deals to expand its presence in the high-speed Internet access market.

Fast-growing network equipment maker Copper Mountain Networks today inked a series of deals to expand its presence in the high-speed Internet access market.

The company today announced a new licensing pact with 3Com as well as a new alliance with upstart TollBridge Technologies. Copper Mountain also signed on a new customer for its high-speed technology.

Copper Mountain is well positioned to take advantage of the increasing demand for high-speed Internet access technologies. The firm specializes in technology called digital subscriber lines (DSL) that turns ordinary phone lines into high-speed Internet connections.

Copper Mountain is one of several upstart network-equipment companies that have found success in focusing on the Net-related market niches. Juniper Networks and Redback Networks, among others, have also experienced runaway success on Wall Street.

The company plans to expand its relationship with equipment supplier 3Com. Under terms of the deal, 3Com will resell Copper Mountain's entire "Copper Rocket" product line under its own brand name and plans to collaborate on future product plans.

Copper Mountain also announced an alliance with TollBridge, a maker of voice technology for DSL lines, ensuring their technologies work together. The cooperation is part of an industry group, which includes TollBridge, called the Voice of Broadband Alliance.

Separately, Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based communications firm McLeodUSA has agreed to deploy Copper Mountain's DSL technology across its market area, encompassing 12 states in the United States. Deployment will begin this spring and continue through the rest of the year, the company said.