DroidAnalytics for Android

DroidAnalytics provides easy access to your Google Analytics account from your phone.

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Droid Analytics provides data in chart or graph form. Taylor Wimberly

Google has ported many of its popular services to Android, but several of its Webmaster tools are waiting to get the mobile treatment. Users can access these other services via the mobile browser, but some sites rely on Flash, which Android doesn't support. Thankfully, third-party developers have begun to create their own mobile apps.

Google Analytics is a popular service used by Webmasters and marketers to analyze the traffic to a Web site and optimize online marketing. Android users can log in to the Google Analytics site, but it's not designed for the small screen. Most of the graphs will not load since they use Flash.

Android developers Nico and Manu have created their own native Android application called DroidAnalytics. It's built off the open developer APIs and provides real-time data from Google. The application is paid ($1.40), but it already tops Google's official service in presentation and usability.

DroidAnalytics provides most of the basic functionality provided by the Google desktop site. Users can display multiple categories including top keywords, top countries, top sources of traffic, top search engines, top referring sites, top browsers, and goal conversions. You can display each statistic in multiple periods from hourly to monthly. Custom date ranges are also supported.

Graphs are available for page views, visitors, visits, bounce rate, and average time on site. This visual representation of data is very helpful and a key advantage over the official Google Analytics site. Only line graphs are provided for now, so I'm hoping for more options.

Multiple Web site profiles are also supported in DroidAnalyics. This makes it easy to manage many sites simultaneously and jump between domains. Just log in with your Google account and all sites will import automatically.

One day Google might release a mobile version of Analytics, but it does not appear to be a priority. DroidAnalytics is a worthy alternative and I suggest the app for anyone who needs access to Analytics data while on the go. The developers provide great support and have continued to update the app with new features. If you try the app and like it, I also recommend DroidSense from the same developer.