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Droid 2 all but officially confirmed with Froyo

The last few days have been a steady flow of leaks, all pointing to Android 2.2 and an August release.

Droid 2 user manual
Droid Life

The final pieces of the Droid 2 puzzle are falling into place, confirming early rumors of Android 2.2 and an August release. The last few days have seen a mix of official documents and internal resources leaked, all which point to a Froyo-powered superphone expected in the coming weeks.

To kick things off Thursday, Droid Life posted pages from the official Droid 2 user manual uncovered. Though there's no direct mention of Android 2.2 in the guide, some pages show various screens of the device. Astute readers will notice that the Google search widget on Page 10 is found only on phones running Froyo.

Other details uncovered by the manual include both Swype and multitouch soft keyboards. You may recall that the recently released Droid X features a multitouch keyboard as well. Finally, an image of the home screen confirms that Motorola has opted to load the newer, less-intrusive MotoBlur user interface on the Droid 2.

Later Thursday afternoon, a Phandroid source passed along a screenshot from within Verizon internal system that tells employees the handset is coming in the "next few weeks." As part of the lead up to the release, they will be trained on a number of device features, including the differences between OS 2.1 and 2.2. This would also prove beneficial for sales and support should Verizon roll out Froyo to other phones in its lineup.

Last but not least, another few screenshots emerged, reportedly from Verizon's internal blog. The images also reference the multitouch keyboard, Swype, Android 2.2, and a list of integrated applications. Among the Verizon supported apps are MyVerizon, CityID, Blockbuster, NFL Mobile, and Skype Mobile. According to Droid Life and other Android-related blogs, the release date has been pegged at August 12.