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Watch as driver's phone captures celestial road rage instant karma

On a Florida highway, a man is tailgating in his very large truck. He finally offers the driver he's following his middle finger. Then the gods offer him retribution. Now it's all over YouTube.

The driver's sticking to the speed limit. Watch what happens. Florida Driver/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I am currently struggling with the belief in any deity.

Even serendipity seems to have got uppity with me.

So there's a certain delight that divine justice might occasionally drop in -- even if it's only on central Florida. For the Interwebs have been blessed by a cell phone video that appears to be entirely real.

Posted to YouTube by someone who's taken the screen name Florida Driver, this video shows a large truck appearing to follow a car too closely.

Confusingly, this practice is known in American as tailgating, which I always thought of as comprising open trucks, smoky grilling, and flying footballs.

Florida Driver explains on YouTube: "This happened to me on SR 41 in Tampa on Monday March 24th. This pathetic excuse for a human being tailgated me for about three minutes. After about a minute, and me shaking my head, I pulled out my phone and started recording."

This would still be legal behavior in Florida, although the local DMV asks Floridians to use their legendary common sense.

Florida Driver explained that the road was wet and slick. FD also promised a longer video soon.

Still, what we can see here is FD's phone recording the tailgater following; then finally passing alongside. He then offers FD his most expressive digit.

What happens next, well, you really should watch and see whether it gives you a tinge of hope and joy. (I'll reveal that the man was allegedly arrested.)

I will merely end with Florida Driver's own words: "This moron could have easily killed somebody with his moronic behavior, and my laughing at the end would have been replaced with tears. Needless to say though, I've never seen Karma come back so fast."