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Gimme pizza! Domino's will now deliver your order anywhere

Domino's wants you to order pizza at the beach, at the park or by talking to its "adolescent" virtual assistant. It's the "internet of food", baby! Anything is possible!

Domino's now lets you drop a pin on a map to get pizza delivered virtually anywhere.

Domino's has delivered pizza by drone, by robot and by reindeer, but finally the fast food delivery company is coming through with a service that we can actually see ourselves using: pizza delivered anywhere.

We're not just talking about delivery to hard-to-find addresses or suburbs out in the sticks. Domino's Anywhere will use your phone's GPS to let you place a pin at virtually any location and have your delivery driver drop your pizza off, with or without a fixed address.

Think of it (and yes, I can't believe I'm saying this) as Uber for pizza.

The service was developed out of Domino's in the Netherlands, and will be coming to Australia by the end of March to early April, according to the company, using GPS to give delivery drivers a drop-off point, much like Uber.

The company's Australian CEO Don Meij says the rise of ride-sharing apps has meant customers are starting to expect pin-drop functionality. It's certainly more intuitive than having to type out your address, and it also means Domino's will be able to start delivering to your local park or Bondi Beach.

It's part of a raft of new services being launched by the company, which is trying to ditch the image of fatty food and teenage delivery drivers to position itself as an "internet of food" tech enterprise.

That means the launch of a Facebook pizza-ordering chatbot in the coming days, and an expansion of its drone delivery service in New Zealand and two as yet unnamed countries (though details on this are still pretty thin).

But the big "internet of food" innovation that Domino's is talking up for Australia is its new DRU Assist virtual assistant.

The virtual assistant listens to customers and uses natural language processing to turn a phrase like "I want a pepperoni with anchovies" into a digital order on the smartphone app. Domino's partnered with speech-recognition company Nuance (the company behind most car voice controls) to create the app, which they say will learn the more people use it.

While DRU Assist is launching on desktop and the Android and Apple Domino's apps from Monday, the company is eyeing off integration with smart home services like Google Home and Amazon Echo when they finally launch down under.

But while CEO Don Meij was quick to dismiss the virtual assistant as being just a gussied up version of an automated phone ordering system, he said DRU Assist would have kinks to work out when it first launched.

"DRU is an adolescent... he will fumble and stumble from time to time," he said. "But we're not talking about years of learning... We think DRU will be very proficient by the 20th of March."

Turns out pizza and adolescents are never far apart after all.

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