DokiPal 4G LTE smartwatch for kids features AI voice assistant, video calling

Parents can contact their kids and monitor their activity.

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Parents can keep an eye on their kids with DokiPal, a 4G LTE smartwatch with an integrated AI voice assistant.

Doki Technologies

Adults aren't the only ones benefiting from the evolution of smartwatch tech. Doki Technologies on Wednesday rolled out DokiPal, a 4G LTE enabled smartwatch for kids, with features like an AI voice assistant, video calling and location tracking. 

The $179 watch is water resistant and also includes a fitness tracking leaderboard. Parents can use the Doki App on iOS and Android to see where their kids are and communicate with them through the watch. They can also set events and reminders to let children know about upcoming tasks, and can program notifications for when a kid steps out of a preset area. DokiPal blocks unknown phone numbers, and contacts can only be set using the Doki App.

The watch's integrated AI voice assistant, dokiAsk, is programmed to recognize children's voices, and parents can be "assured it will not provide answers to inappropriate topics and that their kids' queries will be answered in a safe and responsible way," according to a release. DokiPal's features comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), so children's data privacy will be protected, the company said. 


Parents can track their kids' location and know if they step out of a preset zone using the Doki App.

Doki Technologies

The watch's battery lasts up to 48 hours under normal usage, and has a standby time of 72 hours, according to Doki Technologies. 

DokiPal's activity tracker records steps, calories and distance. Kids can compete with friends and earn badges, and the leaderboard compares users' steps to those of kids from around the world. Parents can also see their child's fitness levels through the Doki App. 

The watch works using a nano SIM card with cellular data service and has universal 4G LTE connectivity. It can be used in more than 150 countries and is compatible with US networks including Verizon , AT&T and T-Mobile . Customers have the option to buy a SIM plan from a local carrier or to activate an accompanying Doki SIM card through the Doki App for $9.99 a month in the US.

DokiPal comes in "wave blue" and "plush pink" and features a watch screen made of Gorilla Glass as well as a 1.4-inch color display.

The watch is available starting Wednesday in Doki's online store. It'll ship to more than 40 countries. 

DokiPal isn't the only high-tech smartwatch geared toward kids. The Dyno smartwatch also lets kids call and text their parents, and Verizon's 4G LTE-connected GizmoWatch lets parents track their kids' activity and location