Does the Galaxy S20 have a 3.5mm headphone jack?

Samsung bids adieu to the beloved audio port for its marquee line of Galaxy phones.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

No headphone port here.

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Samsung's latest Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra phones are available for preorder and will hit stores on March 6. As well as touting brilliant 120Hz AMOLED displays, 5G connectivity and a luxe design, the phones have powerful processors and cameras that can record 8K video. But one thing they don't have is a headphone jack. Unlike their Galaxy S10 predecessors, which did have the audio port, you'll need to use wireless Bluetooth headphones or USB-C earbuds with the Galaxy S20 handsets.

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The change isn't surprising. Many phone makers have already ditched the port, including recent models of the Apple iPhone, Google Pixel and OnePlus phones. When Samsung launched its ultra-luxe line of Note 10 phones last year, the devices also didn't have headphone jacks, which marked the beginning of the end for the port in Samsung phones.

If you're looking for a premium phone with a headphone jack, they still do exist. Motorola brought it back for its Moto Z4, for instance. LG, which remains one of the last bastions of hope for the port, still features it in its phones, including the latest LG V60 ThinQ 5G. And for other devices, check out CNET's roundup of 20 best phones that still have a headphone jack.

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