Doctors can now prescribe Jabra fitness headphones to treat obesity, cancer and diabetes

Jabra has teamed up with the TrainerMD health program to help doctors monitor patients' health stats in real time using the company's new Sport Pulse Special Edition fitness earbuds.

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The next time you walk into a doctor's office, you might leave with a prescription for a pair of Jabra fitness-tracking headphones.

It's part of a global partnership the audio company announced this week with TrainerMD, the first HIPAA complaint software platform that helps doctors monitor patients' fitness and nutrition in real time.

The 360˚ Health Program makes it easier for physicians, trainers and nurses to collaborate on the needs of patients suffering from obesity, cancer, and diabetes.

Participating patients are prescribed a pair of Jabra Sport Pulse wireless earbuds to incorporate into their exercise routine along with a set of fitness goals tailored to their personal regimen.

The Sport Pulse's integrated heart-rate monitor gets a reading through the ear and also calculates the patient's Vo2 Max level, calories and pace during workouts. The data will then get sent to the accompanying medical team via real-time notifications so everyone gets an ongoing status update to manage the health of the patient.

"This is game changer for patients and health care providers across the country," said Scott Lutch, MD, FACC, CMO, CSCS, NSCA, chief medical officer at TrainerMD. "Not only can patients now educate themselves, but they're also empowered to take control of their health -- and physicians, trainers and nurses are partners in all of that. With the added support of the Jabra Sport Pulse wireless earbuds, meeting individual health objectives is now as easy as listening to music or making a phone call."

Earlier this week, Jabra announced the next generation of its Sport Coach and Sport Pulse in-ear wireless sports headphones that look similar to the originals, but bundles new eartip options, increased durability and the aforementioned fitness tracking features.

The new Sport Pulse can also save your workout history, update your distance and pace using GPS on your phone, and includes an audio player that taps into your music library to keep you motivated.

The 360˚ Health Program is currently in pre-enrollment and will officially launch this fall.

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