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Did Google just leak the Nexus 5 in KitKat promo vid?

A mystery mobile appears in a new Google video, and it could well be the much-anticipated Nexus 5.

Last night, Google announced KitKat, the next version of its Android operating system. To mark the occasion, it released a video showing the unveiling of the new statue, but what's this? Eagle-eyed phone fans over at Android Police spotted a new Nexus blower in the vid. Could it be the Nexus 5?

Google has since made the video private, suggesting that yes, it is in fact the Nexus 5. I've embedded it, so take a look and see what you think.

The mystery phone shows up at around 38 seconds in.

You can clearly see the Nexus logo on the back, but it's much bigger than on the Nexus 4 (which is being held by the girl in the blue top). The logo is the same orientation as on the new Nexus 7 too, which suggests this is indeed one of the latest crop of Google devices.

The back looks smooth, and the camera is in the same position as on the Nexus 4. I can't be sure, but it could well be another device made by LG. Which would quash rumours saying the Google-owned Motorola would make the Nexus 5.

But that's not to say Motorola won't release something Google-flavoured before the end of the year. Whispers said it would release just a "Nexus device", not necessarily the Nexus 5, and the company's own Facebook page said it was "working on something new". So who knows.

Other rumours said Google wouldn't work with LG on the next Nexus following the supply issues that plagued the Nexus 4 launch. The Nexus 4 is part of a clearance sale at Google Play at the moment -- the 8GB version has sold out -- so snap one up now if you want one. Looks like we'll see the Nexus 5 announced pretty soon then.

Do you think this is the Nexus 5? Will Google stick with LG? What would you like to see from the next Nexus? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.