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Did Apple's internal iPhone X repair videos just leak?

Apple's top-secret repair techniques may have just been spilled.

A picture from an alleged internal Apple iPhone repair video that has since been taken down.
Screenshot by Sean Hollister/CNET

When you take your Apple iPhones, iMacs and MacBooks to an Apple Store for repair... are you curious how they get fixed? We may have just gotten a glimpse into that world, proprietary Apple tools and all.

We can't be sure that they're legit -- Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment -- but Motherboard's sources report that they're the real deal, and they most certainly include exacting, purpose-built calibration and disassembly tools the likes of which we've (almost) never seen before.

Assuming so, you can thank YouTuber Arman Haji for uploading 11 such videos covering the iPhone X, iMac Pro, iPhone 8 and a recent MacBook Pro as well. 

Until or unless the videos disappear from YouTube, anyhow.

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Update, 11:55p.m. PT: Sure enough, the videos -- and in fact, Arman Haji's entire YouTube channel -- appear to have been taken down. Here's one of the videos as posted to a different YouTube channel: