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Diamond Ecstasy iPhone 6 could top $3.5 million in bling

A limited-edition bedazzled iPhone 6 from Goldgenie can be customized with an insane level of gold and gemstones.

Diamond Ecstasy iPhone 6
This special iPhone is full of iBling. Goldgenie

With a name like "Diamond Ecstasy," you're going to have high expectations. The Diamond Ecstasy limited-edition iPhone 6 from UK luxury purveyor Goldgenie pretty much delivers on that promise of affluent euphoria. This is not a phone meant for the masses. This is a phone meant for people with private jets and their own vineyards who kick around on weekends on a personal tropical island with a full staff of butlers.

The Diamond Ecstasy takes a regular iPhone 6 and coats it with your choice of gold, platinum or rose gold. Next, add hundreds of diamonds around the edges and fill in the Apple logo on the back with even more of the precious stones. White diamonds too dull for you? Instead, choose from emeralds, sapphires, black diamonds, pink diamonds or rubies. Then you can add a laser engraving. Perhaps a phrase like "All about the Benjamins" would be suitable.

It's easy to imagine this phone is just for show, that it exists only in a shiny image on the Goldgenie website, but that's not the case. On launch day for the Diamond Ecstasy, the company accepted five orders for the $15,200 (£10,000, AU$19,500) version. Three of those orders were for the 24-karat-gold version and two were for the rose gold.

That's peanuts compared with the bespoke potential for the custom phone. "We are providing clients with the option to customize their phones with their own choice of precious stones and larger diamonds, which could increase the price of the phone to anything up to £2.3 million and even beyond," a Goldgenie spokeperson tells Crave. That works out to about $3.5 million, but a luxurious imagination with a taste for rare jewels could push the price tag further into the stratosphere.

Goldgenie is aiming for a phone that is "truly personal and irreplaceable." The company encourages customers to work with it on customizing the phone and is even hosting a regular client from Russia who is flying over to create his own personal iPhone bling-fest. That's a far cry from how most people just pop down to the Apple Store and agonize over whether to buy the silver, gold or space-gray version.

Diamond Ecstasy iPhone 6 in platinum
The platinum version is almost subtle next to the gold Diamond Ecstasy. Goldgenie