Dialed In Podcast 105: Google Phone rumor redux

The tech world is abuzz again with the rumor that Google is working on its own Android-based phone. Could the Gphone actually be? We discuss this and more on this week's Dialed In podcast.

Bonnie Cha Former Editor
Bonnie Cha was a former chief correspondent for CNET Crave, covering every kind of tech toy imaginable (with a special obsession for robots and Star Wars-related stuff). When she's not scoping out stories, you can find her checking out live music or surfing in the chilly waters of Northern California.
Bonnie Cha

Remember the rumor about Google working on its own Android phone? Well, it's back again, despite the fact that Google has said it's not interested in making hardware. On this week's episode of Dialed In, we discuss the possibility of an actual "Gphone" and its ramifications. Plus, Kent has a few things he would like to get off his chest about Sony Ericsson, and Nicole takes a look at a Bluetooth headset with a one-of-a-kind design.

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Watch this: Ep. 105: Google Phone rumor redux


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