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Dialed In No. 217: It's now or never for Windows Phone (podcast)

With two high-end Windows Phones on the horizon, it's do or die for Microsoft's OS. But first, Dialed In is coming to a close, and we want your e-mail.

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First, the bad news. Saying goodbye to this weekly Dialed In podcast isn't something that any of us expected to do for some time, but it's true: this week marks the second-to-last episode of CNET's cell phone podcast, and of most of CNET's podcasts in general, save the hilarious 404 with Jeff Bakalar and Justin Yu.

CNET is taking a new direction with our video programming. We're going to collectively try out new formats and styles, including an exciting new show that Molly Wood is producing, called Always On. In the meantime, Brian, Lynn, and I aren't going anywhere. You'll be able to interact with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, and see us on CNET.com and CNET TV.

Next, the good news. This week's episode isn't the goodbye. We focus on Windows Phone's important moment in the U.S. with the release of two major handsets and review three new devices before hitting the e-mail. But if you do want to say goodbye, we'll be playing your voice mail and reading your e-mail next Monday, our last episode. E-mail us at dialedin@cnet.com or send a voicemail at 1-866-402-2638 (hint: that spells "CNET.")


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